Who is Nel actually?

Daisy Put and Eva Schmaal are the power behind Delicious Nel. A warm, atmospheric and intimate restaurant where hospitality and gastronomy come together. The beautiful monumental building on the Verdronkenoord exudes atmosphere and history, while you can hear the buzz and the coziness of the cafes in the background.

For Daisy, the kitchen of Heerlijk Nel is very familiar territory. This is where she once started her career when she was looking for an internship at the age of 15. Due to the enthusiasm of the then owner Irena, she decided to follow the cooking course. She also worked for a number of years at Heerlijk Nel as an independent chef.
After 13 years of work experience in various restaurants, the offer came last summer to take over this restaurant and to manage her own kitchen as owner. This was an opportunity she grabbed with both hands
After 20 years of intensive youth care, Eva has decided to embark on this adventure with her partner Daisy and to master a new field. She is very excited to get started and to give the guests a pleasant evening.
The ideas have been worked out and the menu is ready. Just like all other catering industry, we will get started in a creative way in the coming time.
We can't wait to welcome you soon!

And Nell? We all have a Nel in the family who cooks delicious pure dishes for us with passion and dedication. And to which, when we leave the table after dinner, we say, "It was delicious Nel again!"

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