Rosé, bubbles dessert wine, port and dessert wine

Cielo Pinot Grigio Rose Blush, Italy 4.50 / 24
Fruity in the bouquet and very attractive in taste. Sparkling fresh and floral with a thirst-quenching little sweet-bitter at the end.

Cava Villa Conchi Brut 0,375 ltr., Spain 16

Elegant with fine bubbles. Fresh, warm, pleasant and round on the palette, with a long finish

I Castelli Prosecco Spumante, Italy 27

Bright straw yellow color and a beautiful mousse. Bouquet is fresh, with floral tones and a delicious fruity taste

Dona Dolce Moscatel, Spain 4.50 / 23.00
Ripe muscatel grapes give this wine wonderful aromas of flowers, citrus, honey and dried fruits. A rich taste with a very pleasant aftertaste.
Delicious with a sweet dessert or cheese board.

Feuerheerds Port Ruby 4.75

Feuerheerds Port LBV 7.50

A late bottled vintage port is aged between 4 and 6 years before being bottled. Intensely fruity scent of plums, cherries, blackcurrants and chocolate. A full flavor that is soft and tannic at the same time

Eminencia Pedro Ximenez sherry, Spain 7.50

Intensive and dark brown in color with aromas of nuts, raisins, figs and dates, chocolate and mocha. Very intensively sweet in the taste, a wine for the real sweet tooth, with dates and raisins but also a very nice balance of acids and bitters

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