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Nel has small desserts on the menu. This way you can choose your ideal dessert. Take 2, 3 or as many as you want. Just for you, or to share.

HEAVENLY MUD whipped cream, dark chocolate 3.75

CREME BRÛLÉE the classic version 3.75

APPLE TARTE TATIN apple, cinnamon, puff pastry 4.00

WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE white chocolate, cream 3.60

MACAROON PUDDING with a hint of almond liqueur 3.75

COCONUT & FOREST FRUITS ICE CREAM fresh forest fruits, coconut milk 3.85

CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM made of dark chocolate 3.85

SPECULOOS ICE CREAM with pieces of Dutch spice biscuit 3.85




4 ORGANIC CHEESES date-almond bread, homemade fig chutney 9.00
Delicious with a glass of dessert wine or port!

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