Who is Nel anyway?

Marcel and Cindy van Westen are the force behind Bistro Heerlijk Nel. A warm, atmospheric and intimate restaurant where hospitality and gastronomy come together. The beautiful monumental building on the Verdronkenoord exudes atmosphere and history, while you can hear the buzz and the cosiness of the cafés in the background.

Marcel van Westen is classically trained. Honesty and purity can be found in his style of cooking. Together with the creativity of Sheldon van Schalkwijk, they make the most surprising dishes. And the menu changes regularly because at Heerlijk Nel cooking is done with seasonal products, where attention to organic and sustainable plays a particularly important role.

Cindy van Westen is a hostess who does everything to satisfy her guests. Good atmosphere and a welcome feeling are very important to her. "when our guests leave the house with a smile, it is a rich feeling".

Marcel and Cindy think the balance between atmosphere and good food is very important. "Together with our fantastic team we pay special attention to our guests and to our dishes, so that you are assured of a tasteful evening and a warm cozy atmosphere!"

And Nel? We all have a Nel in the family who cooks those delicious pure dishes with passion and dedication. And who we, when we leave the table deliciously satisfied after dinner, say to "It was once again Delicious Nel!"

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